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The art of Parenting…
Presented by KnG Exclusive Mumbai Students.
Mumbai kids have got a wonderful opportunity to showcase their hidden talent in a grand event of Samta Mahila Mandal. The event was happened on Sunday, 7th Jan. 2024 A GRAND PERFORMANCE!
Students of KnG Exclusive from different levels have performed a Musical act which was filled with drama, dance & emotions.
बच्चों ने अपने शानदार अभिनय से सभी दर्शक का दिल जीत लिया !
▶️ Youtube subscribers can watch this outstanding performance
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“An unique program for 5-14 years kids based on Jain principles.”
Know and grow exclusive is basically Jainism with logic. Persons who are not much religiously involved but want to understand Jainism with simplicity. How behavior and attitude can be developed with basic principles of Jainism blended with moral and ethics. This education will provide knowledge which will sustain the students not only during their childhood but throughout their lives to secure their future.
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